No more reason for a dark matter day.

Dedicated to the Dark Matter Day. In this text it is argued that there is no need for Dark Matter (DM) in astrophysics and cosmology. All subsequent information is based on the article “Gas kinetics of galactic disks explains rotation curves of S-type galaxies without a need for dark matter”, published in the International JournalContinue reading “No more reason for a dark matter day.”

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Finding out the nature of Planck’s constant is the key that can open the door to understanding quantum mechanics, to writing a complete quantum theory outside the framework of the currently dominant axiomatic approach (recall that the Schrödinger, Klein-Gordon-Fock and Dirac equations were postulated and have not yet been derived from the first principles). FindingContinue reading “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics”

Nature of Quantum Potential

It is widely known that there are at least a dozen different interpretations of quantum theory. One of them is the interpretation of de Broglie-Bohm. In this formulation, a quantum potential appears, which guides quantum particles in their movement. The shape of the quantum potential causes each particle to move along its own trajectory. However,Continue reading “Nature of Quantum Potential”