Here you can find links to relevant articles by topic.

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Anton A. Lipovka, Physics on the adiabatically changed Finslerian manifold and cosmology Journal ; ArXiv

Ivan A. Cardenas & Anton A. Lipovka, Variation of the fine-structure constant caused by expansion of the Universe Journal ; ArXiv

Anton A. Lipovka, Nature of the Quantum Potential Journal ; ArXiv

Anton A. Lipovka, Planck constant as adiabatic invariant characterized by Hubble’s and cosmological constants Journal ; ArXiv

Dark Matter problem

Anton A. Lipovka, Gas kinetics of galactic disk. Dark matter is not required to explain rotation curves of S-type galaxies. DOI: 10.31219/ ; OSF_Preprints ; ResearchGate ; HAL

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