Nature of Quantum Potential

It is widely known that there are at least a dozen different interpretations of quantum theory. One of them is the interpretation of de Broglie-Bohm. In this formulation, a quantum potential appears, which guides quantum particles in their movement. The shape of the quantum potential causes each particle to move along its own trajectory. However, the existence of only four interactions has been experimentally established. These are electromagnetic, gravitational, weak and strong interactions. That is why it was so important to understand exactly how the quantum potential interacts with particles. A recent result indicates the electromagnetic nature of the quantum potential. The article that reveals the electromagnetic nature of the quantum potential can be obtained here: Published Article, or ArXiv.

4 thoughts on “Nature of Quantum Potential

    1. Thank you, Vladislav! Honestly, I feel sorry for the time for blogging, but if we do not discuss the problems from which modern physics suffers, then development will stop altogether.
      In addition, there is hope to find caring colleagues and like-minded people here, and this cannot be overestimated.


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