Reflections on Modern Physics.

This blog was created by Anton Lipovka to discuss current problems in theoretical physics, astrophysics, cosmology, general relativity, etc.

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Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Finding out the nature of Planck’s constant is the key that can open the door for us to understand quantum mechanics, to write a complete quantum theory, avoiding the currently dominant axiomatic approach. This is the only way to understand the foundations of quantum theory. This statement is true, since only an understanding of whereContinue reading “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics”

Nature of Quantum Potential

It is widely known that there are at least a dozen different interpretations of quantum theory. One of them is the de Broglie – Bohm interpretation. In this formulation, a quantum potential appears that guides quantum particles in their movements. The shape of the quantum potential makes each particle move along its path. However, theContinue reading “Nature of Quantum Potential”

First post

Today 13/12/2020 I launch my blog.

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